half a pbr and half of a hard lemonade that was more alcohol than lemonade and i’m a little tipsy. i’m a lightweight


my other new undies. i thought they were striped too but they aren’t :C still cute and blue though

New Blog


Hey guys come check out my new blog I’m making with a friend and follow. I’ll have reviews and pictures up in a few days.

First up is John Irving.

Epic Mickey Music with Choir Children: Small World Clock Tower Boss (a.k.a. WHAT HAVE I DONE?!)

La Nuit


In France, a young ambient musician by the name of Charles undertook an interesting new project. He was going to record the sound of himself sleeping, and release it under the name “La Nuit” (The Night). Charles lived alone in a rural area, which would remove things like car alarms, traffic, and such from being recorded. He planned his project for many months, acquiring the sensitive equipment to capture all outside noises as well as his own during sleep.

Finally, on the 27th of September, he decided to execute his plan. He set up all his equipment, and fell at sleep at midnight.

The next day Charles reviewed the recording. For the first hour, the recording played his own tossings and turnings as well as some distant dog barks and a few car alarms (So much for his plan to distance himself from cars). These continued throughout the 2nd hour as well, until Charles heard something that horrified him.

For at exactly 3 hours and 24 minutes in, the recording played the sound of his bedroom door opening.